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10 Best Hosting provider in Bangladesh - Honest Review

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if you plan to make a website, you need to buy a domain and hosting. There are thousands of hosting providers available on the internet. So in this article, I will cover the Top ten best hosting providers in Bangladesh in 2023 to help you.

Best Hosting provider in Bangladesh

All you need is to trust the hosting provider to buy the domain and hosting for your site. That’s why I made this article to help you find the market's top hosting provider in Bangladesh. This article will also help you see the best hosting plans at the best price.

I will give a chart about the pricing, offers, uptime, and affiliate programs for all the sites at the bottom of this article. So make sure you check that Too.


Blue Host is the world’s top and best hosting company now. Though it is not a Bangladeshi company, most people all over the world trust this site to host its website. Almost 2 million sites from all over the world are hosted on this site.

This site doesn’t support Bkash payment. So you will need a Paypal, Payoneer, Mastercard, or visa card.

They are the market topper and have been running their business since 2003. Their customer support is so fast and amazing. That’s why I listed this company at the top of the list.


Exonhost is a top-rated Bangladeshi hosting company. They have been running their business since 2009. They offer a cheap rate for their best hosting plans.

আরও পড়ুন  ব্লগিং ( Blogging ) কি? | Blogging meaning in bengali

I have two websites hosted on this site and I can tell you that their customer support is just amazing. Whenever you face a problem, their expert team will be ready to help you 24/7.

I blindly trust them and I will suggest Exonhost if you are planning to buy a hosting and you don’t have a master card or visa card. They support Bkash, Rocket, and Nagad payments.


3. is another top-rated company running its business since 2005. Their hosting plans are a little bit costly but the quality of their service is satisfying.

Their services are so specific and a little bit hard to understand for beginners. So I can suggest this site for the experts only.

I used their hosting plans for one of my sites. Once I have an issue and they solve the problem immediately. They support Bkash, Rocket, and Nagad payments Too.

4. has been running its business since 2012. But I personally love them because of their simplicity and easy-to-understand methods. Though they start their business late they achieve so much love and trust for their amazing services.

I also love their customer support because they have a direct chat system with the expert team. So you don’t have to open a support ticket all the time. You can directly chat with their expert team for any query and help.

They also offer cheap prices for their hosting plans and they support Bkash payment. So it’s easy to buy.

5. was also founded in 2012. I Don’t use their hosting services but many people suggest them because they are known for their cheap price. They have good customer service too.

আরও পড়ুন  ওয়েব ডিজাইন ও ডেভলপমেন্ট (web design and development) কি ? started their hosting price from 1000tk and they have many hosting plans available on their site. This site is suggested for the beginner and expert also.

They also support Bkash, Rocket, Nagad payments, and card payments.

6. is basically a software company named Eicra Soft LDT. They have an excellent brand reputation and honesty. So customers can expect a secure and affordable price from them.

Their price is a little bit higher than the other hosting providers. Because of their excellent service and high-quality hosting, they charge a little more.

Their hosting plans are starting from 2000tk.

There are many ranges of services available, So you can choose your best plan.

Their customer support is amazing and they have 30 days money-back guarantee also. They also support Bkash payment.


My host Ltd is a professional web hosting company. They started their business in 2011. They also offer premium hosting plans at a very cheap price. Their services are simple and easy to understand.

Their starting hosting plans are 69tk per month, which is approx 900tk per year with vat and tax. They also support Bkash payment.

This site is also recommended for beginners. They have amazing 24/7 customer support and good brand value. They have many packages, so you can choose between them.

8. has been running its business since 2014. They have software development, web development, and digital marketing service also. I used their services a long time ago. Their hosting plans are easy to understand and simple. They are also known for their cheap price.

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Their starting hosting price is 99tk per month, which is approx 1200tk per year. They also support Bkash payment.

Their services are good and they have good customer service also. This site is recommended for beginners also.

9. is a recommended site for beginner bloggers. has been running their business since 2010 and they are also known for their cheap price hosting plans.

Starting from 750tk per year they support Bkash payment also.

I used their services and their customer service is good enough. This site is also recommended for beginners.

10. is our last recommended site for beginners. This site has been running its business since 2011. They are known for their cheap price and quality hosting services.

Their starting hosting price is 700tk per year. They also support Bkash payment too.

They have amazing customer support and client satisfaction ratio. So you can check their site too if you are a beginner.

Overall review & our suggestion

At the last of this list, we will give you our suggestions for beginner and expert bloggers. I am a blogger since 2016 and I have used many hosting provider services. So I want to share my opinion with you.


If you are a beginner blogger and want the best hosting services for our site then is recommended for you. Bluehost will give your site good server speed and the best hosting services.

But without a master card, visa card, Paypal, or Payoneer account you can’t buy hosting from

So if you want to buy a hosting plan with Bkash then I will suggest you buy it from because they are providing the best hosting plans at a very cheap price. And they are suggested by a lot of bloggers in Bangladesh.

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