About us

About us

What is Detailsbd.com?

Detailsbd.com is a website about BloggingBusiness, and some Other stuff. We share the articles that help someone in knowing something in Bangla. Basically, we cover articles about digital services, like CPA marketingDigital marketingAffiliate marketing, and all that help someone to grow in their life and achieve success.

Our mission

Our mission is to solve the problem of unemployment in Bangladesh and help people to grow them in different ways. We want to encourage people and give them hope for starting their own business or services. Nowadays many people are doing great and support their families by starting their own business.

About author

Hi, I am Galib Riad from Bangladesh

I am a digital marketer and freelancer as well. I made this site about 2 years ago in blogger and I saw that my articles are helping many people when they are willing to know something good about. So I decided to move this site from blogger and make a better website for you guys. Moreover, I have an online selling group on Facebook for young entrepreneurs named “ফেসবুকের ফুটপাথ“, so you guys can join there and sell your services or ask for help about your business to someone. I have a youtube channel also named “Galib Tech” where I talk about digital marketing and other technology stuff. So if you want to learn about Blogging or Digital marketing then you can subscribe to my channel. I give you all my social media links below.

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And if you want to contact me for a sponsored article or promote your product then you can contact me from the section below. You can also hire me for making your own website about your company or service with a simple charge.

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